How To Speak To Someone (Live Person) At Aer Lingus?

How Do I Speak To Someone At Aer Lingus?

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Want to complain or compliment Aer Lingus? But don’t know how? The question arises in your mind, how do I speak to someone at Aer Lingus? Here you will able to find the best possible solution for all your flight disruptions. As you know, Aer Lingus being the second flight carrier in Ireland receives thousands of queries on an everyday basis. Thus, Aer Lingus always prioritize its passengers and try to resolve every query. However, for all these concerns passengers need to know the ways to connect with the airlines.

Hence, in this article, you will be to get some easiest and most effective ways to connect to Aer Lingus through various modes like live calls, live chat, inquiry forms, and many more. 

How Speaking To Someone At Aer Lingus Can Help Flyers

Aer Lingus Customer Service

Before moving to the question of ‘how do I speak to someone at Aer Lingus’, let us explore the reasons that make you contact Aer Lingus. Generally, passengers can access the airline’s official website to get knowledge about their flight-related issues. However, calling and speaking with someone is the most convenient way to get an immediate response and information. As some features are unavailable for online addition, thus passengers must contact the airline on call to do so. It is a superior choice, as many passengers think. Here, are some possible problems that must be solved over a call for immediate response.

  • Flight Booking.
  • Also, flight Cancellation.
  • Change or Manage Booking.
  • Delayed or Missing Baggage.
  • Booking for more than 25 passengers.
  • Also for special assistance.
  • AerClub Members.
  • Requesting cash refund.
  • Seat Selection.
  • Seat Upgrades.
  • Request a special meal.
  • Also for excess baggage allowances.
  • Flight Status.
  • Missing Flight.
  • Lounge Access.
  • Manage Booking.
  • Request a refund voucher.
  • Also for submitting a claim.

How You Can Speak To Someone at Aer Lingus Right Now!

To get an immediate solution to your problem, you can connect to Aer Lingus executives directly on a call. Thus, Aer Lingus being a passenger-oriented airline will provide the best solution possible and will try to satisfy each and every passenger. Therefore, for all your flight disruptions and payments you can directly make a call to the respective destination number which is available 24/7 for all the passengers.

CountryPhone Number
Ireland(01) 761 7834
USA (516) 622-4222
USA or Canada(800) 474-7424
Barbados+1 516 622 4222
United Kingdom0333 004 5000
Austria+43 12 06 09 26 75
Australia+ 0061 2 8349 9876
Belgium+32 25 85 52 43
Luxembourg+35 23 42 08 09 055
Portugal+351 21 3665399
Switzerland+41 44 52 46 766
Contact Details For Speaking To Someone At Aer Lingus

Who To Contact For Flight Disruptions At Aer Lingus

In the following blog about how do I speak to someone at Aer Lingus, you can choose the option of another language. The airline has provided some of the numbers for some particular destinations in which passengers can speak another language. However, for connecting to an Aer Lingus representative you need to make sure to follow the IVR instruction properly and call within the specific time mentioned. 

Country Language-Specific Phone NumberTime Bound
Germany+49 69 94 51 89 915German-speaking agents: 09:00-17:00 (CET) Mon-Fri
France+33 18 69 95 728French-speaking agents: 09:00-17:00 (CET) Mon-Fri
Italy+39 06 89 38 65 02Italian-speaking agents: 0900-1700 (CET) Mon-Fri
Netherlands+31 707 006 106Dutch-speaking agents: 09:00-17:00 (CET) Mon-Fri
Spain+34 918 362265El agente habla espanol: 0900-1700 (CET) de Lunes a Viernes
Spain – Customer Services900 031071Llama gratis
Contact Details For Flight Disruptions

Dedicated Live Person Assistance Phone Lines For Different Services

If you are looking for some specific purpose like baggage tracking, special assistance, and group booking, then you can contact Aer Lingus via call on a direct number for that purpose. 

Baggage Tracking

To know any information related to missing or delayed baggage, you can make a direct call to the Aer Lingus airline executive. Thus, pick your location and according to it make a call to the respective number. Additionally, the numbers provided are available 24/7. 

DestinationPhone Number
USA & Canada (855) 567 8224 or  (310) 881-3405
United Kingdom +353 1 761 7838
Ireland(01) 761 7838
Continental Europe+353 1 761 7838
Aer Lingus Baggage Tracing Contact Details

Speak To Someone At Aer Lingus For Group Travel

If you are making a group booking for more than 25 passengers, then the airline does not allow you to make the booking via the website. Hence, in this scenario, you need to connect with the airline executive through a call. Thus, depending on your location, pick the number and connect to the Aer Lingus group sales.

Country Phone NumberTimingsE-Mail
USA & Canada(516) 622-4045Mon-Fri 09:00 – 17:00 ET[email protected]
Ireland(01) 761 7840Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00Not available
United Kingdom0333 004 5222Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00Not available
Austria +43 1 585 36 30 40Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00[email protected]
Germany+49 89 552 533 52Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00[email protected]
Belgium+32 2 7120 499Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00[email protected]
France+33 1 53 43 79 10Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00[email protected]
Netherlands+31 20 655 1733Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00[email protected]
Italy +39 02 4345 8323Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00[email protected]
Portugal+35 130 880 2842Mon-Fri: 09:00-18:00[email protected]
Luxembourg+32 2 7 120 499Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00[email protected]
Switzerland+41 44 286 99 65Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00
[email protected]
Spain+34 910 761 881Llamada gratis. De Lunes a Viernes: 09:00-18:00[email protected]
Aer Lingus Phone Numbers For Group Travel

Require Special Assistance? Talk With A Live Person At Aer Lingus

If you have any special assistance related to medical queries, then you can connect to Aer Lingus on a call through their particular special assistance phone number for different locations.

CountrySpecial Assistance Number Timings
(01) 761 7839
Available 24/7 for medical queries only
USA & Canada
(516) 622-4228
Available 24/7 for medical queries only
United Kingdom
0333 006 6921
Available 24/7 for medical queries only
Continental Europe+353 1 761 7839Available 24/7 for medical queries only
Contact Details For Requesting Special Assistance

Ways To Chat With Someone At Aer Lingus

Apart from speaking to Aer Lingus executives live on the call, you can also connect to executives via Messenger live chat, WhatsApp chat, and Twitter. However, these modes will not be able to provide you with an immediate solution but will surely get you a reply within some days. Additionally, if you have any payment-related queries, then you must always prefer talking on a call.

Aer Lingus Offers Live Chat Option On Messenger

Aer Lingus always provide the passenger to connect with the airline through live chat. The live chat option can overcome your concern of “How do I speak to someone at Aer Lingus.” Thus, to connect with the airline you must have a Facebook messenger account. With this messenger, you can chat with the bot 24/7, and with the executives, the timings are Mon–Sun 7 am–10 pm (Irish Time). However, you must need to go through the process to go to the live chat option. 

Steps To Live Chat on Messenger with Aer Lingus
  • Visit the Aer Lingus official website on your browser.
  • Go to Support and tap on Customer Care.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Contact Us’ option.
  • You will be able to see the chat option at the bottom of your device screen.
  • Tap on the ‘Messenger’ icon.
  • Thus, you will be redirected to Messenger and there you can start your chat.
  • Additionally, if you need to chat with the live agent. Message on Chat ‘talk to agent’. However, It will take some time but will connect you to a live agent.

Send A Message To Aer Lingus On WhatsApp

If the passenger is not able to connect to Aer Lingus on a Messenger live chat or doesn’t have an account on Messenger, then the best alternative option to connect with the airline executive is via WhatsApp chat. However, this might be a little slow in comparison to calls but will definitely solve your flight-related queries apart from the payment one. 

Thus, to connect with Aer Lingus on WhatsApp, you need to send a message to +353 87 1508593 i.e. available Mon–Sun 7 am–10 pm (Irish Time).

To directly connect on WhatsApp for chatting follow the process.

Steps To Live Chat on Whatsapp with Aer Lingus
  • Visit the Aer Lingus official website.
  • On the top left corner, click on ‘Support’.
  • Click on ‘Customer Care’ and then on ‘Contact Us.’
  • Scroll down and locate the ‘Whatsapp’ icon on the ‘Chat with us’ option.
  • Tap on ‘Start Chatting here.’
  • Subsequently, you will be redirected to Whatsapp.

Thus, you are good to go, start chatting and solve all your queries.

Twitter Proves To Be Effective When Connecting With Someone At Aer Lingus

Another effective way to connect with Aer Lingus executives is through Twitter. Here you can connect with an executive and tell your problem to get the best possible solution. So, read in continuation to go to the Twitter chat box.

  • Visit the Aer Lingus official website.
  • On the top left corner, click on ‘Support’.
  • Click on ‘Customer Care’ and then on ‘Contact Us.’
  • Scroll down and locate the ‘Twitter’ icon on the ‘Chat with us’ option.
  • Tap to chat on ‘Here on Twitter.’
  • Hence, you will be redirected to the Twitter chat handle of Aer Lingus.

How Can AerClub Members Speak To Someone At Aer Lingus?

The AerClub passengers who are facing issues or have any queries related to the loyalty program, reservations, claiming avios, tier credits, and many more can directly contact the Airline’s Dedicated AerClub executives using the following ways.

Via Enquiry Form

If you are a member of AerClub and facing any difficulties related to

  • Add a frequent flyer number to a booking.
  • Claim missing Avios points and tier Credits.
  • AerClub tier benefits.
  • Trouble accessing my account.
  • Update my account.
  • Delete my account.
  • General inquiries related to the program.
  • Other queries with the AerClub account.

Thus for all these problems, you must fill out the Aer Lingus Upcoming Travel Enquiry Form.

Additionally, if you want to Claim Avios and tier Credits for the flight flown in the past 6 months, you can fill out this form provided. 

Via Direct Call

If you are not able to get assistance through the inquiry form, then for an instant response you can also make a direct call on the number i.e. available 24/7 depending on your location.

CountryPhone Number
USA & Canada(888) 750-0868
Ireland(01) 761 7842
United Kingdom & Northern Ireland0333 0045777
Continental Europe/ Rest of the World+353 1 761 7842
Contact Information For AerClub Members

Share Your Feedback With Aer Lingus Post Travel

If you want to make a compliment or either want to make a complaint, for all these things the airline has a self-dedicated form on its official website. Here you give all your feedback which the airline will surely see and respond accordingly.

For Compliments

Passengers who enjoy the service of Aer Lingus should let the airline know that their service is great and they must continue to serve all the passengers with this service can fill out the Aer Lingus Post Travel Enquiry Form and submit it.

For Complaints

The passenger who was not satisfied on their recent trip or the airline failed to deliver them their expected favorable experience, can also raise a concern on the form. Hence, this concern will let the airline where they are lacking in their service and need to make the improvement. However, if the complaint is pretty big then the airline might also contact you to provide you with the solution. The same Post Travel Enquiry Form can be filled out to file a complaint with Aer Lingus.

Tips To Get Someone At Aer Lingus Fast

Air Lingus is the second largest air carrier in Ireland. It receives thousands of queries and concerns from passengers all over the world. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your concern will able to fix on the same day. Thus, if you are looking for some tips to resolve your concern about how do I speak to someone at Aer Lingus, read out the following points. You must adhere to some of the simple recommendations if you want to improve your chances of speaking with an Aer Lingus executive.

Make Sure To Dial The Number For Your Location

If you traveling from your home country to another country and got an issue with Aer Lingus, then you must call on the respective nation’s Aer Lingus passenger support number. However, if you are in your home country then you can connect with the number provided for your location by the airlines.

Speak With Someone In The Right Department

If the passenger is facing issues related to group assistance, special assistance, and baggage tracing, then the passenger can call on the airline-specific number provided for these particular purposes. Therefore, by calling on the specific number you will able to get the solution for your specific concern in less time.

Facing Long Hold Times? Opt For Live Chat Instead

Another effective solution to get a solution for your concern is by opting for a chat option. The phone lines might be busy and couldn’t connect but the chat will definitely provide you the solution. Hence, with the various chat option offered by the airline, passengers can choose anyone and connect with the live agent.

Use AerClub Number

If you are a member of AerClub, then take advantage of being a member. Aer Lingus has provided a list of dedicated numbers for all the members of AerClub. Hence, without waiting for your call to pick up on the official number of the airline, passengers of AerClub can prefer calling on AerClub membership holder’s support phone numbers.

Go for Another Language

In your home country, if you find the line is busy for a long time, then you connect with the airline by calling on a different national number only if you know some other languages. Hence, this option might help you to get connected with the executives soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I speak to a live person at Aer Lingus?

You can make a call on the Aer Lingus official number at (01) 761 7834 – Ireland or 

(516) 622-4222 for USA. Follow the IVR instructions carefully and soon you will be connected to the airline live executives.

Is it possible to connect with the live person via live chat?

Yes, passengers can contact the live person through the live chat. Passengers need to visit the official website and under the ‘Contact us’ section, go to ‘Live Chat’, and choose from Whatsapp, Messenger, or Twitter to connect with the live person on chat.

How to connect with Aer Lingus for the concern related to Baggage tracing?

To connect with Aer Lingus for Baggage related issues, passengers can make a direct call to the airline’s dedicated number for baggage tracing. For  USA & Canada Passenger numbers are – (855) 567 8224 or  (310) 881-3405

What is the procedure to opt for special assistance on Aer Lingus?

To get special assistance on Aer Lingus, passengers can make a request within 3 days of flight departure and can connect over a call at (516) 622-4228.

How do members of AerClub connect with Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus has provided a dedicated number for all the members of Aer Lingus. Thus, they can make a call at (888) 750-0868 or also can fill out the inquiry form available on the official website.

How to do group booking on Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus does not allow booking for more than 25 passengers on their official website. For the booking of more than 25 passengers on Aer Lingus, you need to connect to the airline’s dedicated phone number for group bookings. Thus, the number is (516) 622-4045 for USA & Canada passengers.

In what matters Aer Lingus assist passengers over a call?

Aer Lingus assist passengers in matters related to flight cancellations, Flight Booking, Change or Manage Booking, Delayed or Missing Baggage, Booking for more than 25 passengers, Special assistance, AerClub Members, Requesting cash refund, Seat Selection, Seat Upgrades, Excess baggage allowances, and much more.

Does Aer Lingus also offer support in different languages?

Yes, Aer Lingus does offer assistance in different languages. Therefore, to get connected you must call on the respective language number provided on the official website. It provides assistance in German, French, Italian, Dutch, English, Spanish, etc.

How to share the feedback on Aer Lingus?

To share feedback related to your compliment or complaint to the airline, you need to go to the official website, and under the Contact Us section, you will able to find the feedback section. Hence, there click on the form and fill it out.

How can I connect faster to an executive on Aer Lingus?

You can use the second language option to connect faster to a live person on Aer Lingus. You can also use AerClub Number. Also, you can dial a specific department for your concerns.

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