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You may access over 45 United Club locations globally with a United Airlines Club Membership, allowing you a comfortable setting to enjoy free food, drinks, and Wi-Fi when you wait for your flight.

Wherever you are traveling, you’ll access a few more partner lounges, giving you even more chances to relax between flights. United Club members must show a valid actual membership card and any additional necessary paperwork to partner lounges, such as participating Star AllianceTM-affiliated lounges.

How to Buy a United Airlines Club Membership?

Passengers will get their United Airlines Club Membership active after they purchase the membership, and for the time being, United will include a temporary card in their purchase receipt.

Passenger can buy their club membership easily by following the mentioned steps:

  1. First, you need to visit United’s official website in your browser or dial +1-877-563-0684.
  2. Then, locate the subscription section and click on the United Club Membership option.
  3. After tapping the option, you will get various membership options.
  4. Then, choose the best suitable membership for yourself.
  5. After selecting the membership, you must pay with cash or miles you have earned while traveling.
  6. Afterward, visit the United club locations and partner lounges worldwide while traveling.
  7. Relax and enjoy your getaway luxuriously.

Terms and Conditions-United Airlines Club Membership

  • On, in person with a United Club member at any United Club location or over the phone, one can acquire a 1-year United Club membership.
  • Depending on your MileagePlus Premier level, prices may change.
  • Membership is deemed new if it has been inactive for longer than 30 days.
  • Membership fees are not refundable and non-changeable.
  • In addition, only United MileagePlus Program participants 18 or older may join.
  • The airline will end the membership on the day specified when passengers purchase it.
  • A United Club membership can be renewed starting 60 days before it expires at the rate in effect on the day of renewal.
  • The airline will charge the members who have auto-renew enabled 30 days before their membership expires.
  • Thus, the renewal fee will be applied to the payment method on record at the rate in force on that particular day.
  • Gift subscriptions have a 60-day activation window after purchase. Gifts that are not active within sixty days will do so automatically and run out after a year.
  • You can call customer support or visit a United Club location to seek a replacement for a stolen or lost membership card. In addition, there could be a service fee for providing a replacement card.
  • United is the only company that may sell memberships. Any memberships offered for sale by a third party are null and void, and United has the power to take one or all of the steps outlined concerning such sales:
  • Cancel the membership
  • Take legal action
  • Forfeit miles from the member account

How to Get Access to United Airlines Club Membership?

The most evident way to get access to the United Airlines club membership is you can outrightly purchase the annual membership. You can buy with cash or miles. However, the membership cost will vary depending on your elite status.

United Airlines Club Membership Cost

The airline calculates united club membership cost based on the current of your MileagePlus status. And it is also subject to change.

MileagePlus status (Single)Annual Membership Cost ($)Annual Membership Cost (miles)
General Member$65085,000 miles  
Premier Silver$65085,000 miles  
Premier Gold$65085,000 miles  
Premier Platinum$60080,000 miles  
Premier 1K $55075,000 miles    

Credit Cards

Based on your travel preferences, it can be worthwhile to take into account one of the following United credit cards that grant access to lounges:

UnitedSM Explorer Card ($0 initial cost for the first year, followed by $95): After account opening, two one-time United Club passes, plus one every year on your card member’s anniversary.

United ClubSM Infinite Card ($525 annual fee): Primary cardholders of the United ClubSM Infinite Card ($525 annual fee) receive United Club memberships.

United ClubSM Business Card ($450 yearly fee): Members of the United Club are primary cardholders.

Despite having high annual fees, the United Club Infinite Card and the United ClubSM Business Card may be preferable to paying $650 for a yearly United Club membership. In addition to earning a United Club membership, members can save money on checked baggage fees and receive a welcome bonus.

Elite Status

The United Club is available to select Premier members at any time when traveling.

No matter their class of service, United Premier Gold (& higher) members enjoy access to the airline’s lounges when flying overseas on almost any Star Alliance carrier. In addition, they may also invite one guest flying out of the same terminal on a Star Alliance airline. The flyer must fly on the same flight beginning May 3, 2021.

Any Star Alliance boarding pass is valid for usage in the United Club, even on domestic United flights, for Star Alliance Gold members who also hold membership with another partner airline. However, all guest policies are the same. The Star Alliance would mandate that guests ride on the same airplane as the elite member starting on May 3.

United Airlines Club Membership Benefits

Treat yourself: Get free bar service, drinks, and snacks.

Be productive: Utilize the complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi or phone booths (private) and get

your task done.

Get assistance: Chat with the airline on the United official portal for any queries regarding your trip.

United Airlines Club Membership Amenities:

Many clubs provide various features and amenities to their passengers. Passengers can use the new interior design of the Chicago and Seattle/Tacoma nightclubs. New office furniture, workstations, and additional power outlets are among the updates that are being made gradually.

When travel plans are changed, separate ticketing booths in the clubs can come in handy and prevent long lines in the terminal.

Moreover, showers are common in lounges in major cities like Newark or Houston. All include complimentary wireless Internet access, lots of power outlets, local free phone calls & fax machine use, enclosed work carrels for more privacy, and printers.

Some of the biggest clubs provide children’s family rooms or play areas; many have board rooms that the airline leases for a fee. Even cinema-style seating in front of big-screen TVs may be found in Houston clubs.

Food and Snacks

For club members, United provides free refreshments and quick bites. Having a United Club membership has never been more advantageous. In addition, United has increased the beverage and food selections in United’s clubs. Fresh fruit,  bagels, oatmeal, yogurt, pastries, cereal, and hard-boiled eggs are available daily on a substantial buffet. Later in the day, the menu changes to include robust soups, sriracha-flavored couscous, salads, snack mix,  artisan bread, crackers, cheese, and even Skittles candies. visit the united airlines manage booking team or dial +1-877-563-0684 for help.

Can I give my United Club one-time pass to someone else?

A one-time pass of United is eligible for only one person, with no additional people or guests, to any location of United Club. However, children 2 years old or less can accompany the member who has access to the United Club location along with a one-time pass.

Can anyone use the United Lounge?

Passengers are eligible to access a United Club lounge only if they carry a same-day boarding pass & satisfy one of these criteria:
●      Fly United Polaris business class within the U.S., international business class, or transcontinental business class.
●       Fly first class or business with the Star Alliance partner airlines.

What United Club includes?

United Airlines Club Membership includes free drinks, breakfast and evening snacks, power outlets, free Wi-Fi, & magazines and newspapers. Lounges facilities at some of the airports offer shower facilities.

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