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Manage Your Flight Schedules With EVA Airlines Manage Booking 

Are you planning for a trip? Well, it is best to take some break once in a while. And traveling is the best remedy for stress. It also helps intake a breath and slowing down from the paced world. So, why don’t you plan your next vacation? And what can be better, if not EVA Airlines Manage Booking for reservations. It operates to more than 60 domestic and international destinations. Hence, you have a lot to choose from.

Fly to North America, Asia, Australia, or Europe. Apart from the various facilities and in-flight amenities which EVA Airlines provides to its passengers, the EVA Airlines Manage Booking service takes care of travel reschedules and other itinerary changes as well. The Manage Booking features can be readily availed. Passengers who have reserved a seat with EVA Airlines can avail of it. This enables them to edit any unwanted, incorrect contact information. As well as making changes or adding extra services to their itinerary.

What does the EVA Airlines Manage Booking Official Website offer? 

  • EVA Manage Booking gives an option to the passenger to make certain changes. It can be reservation facts like seats, flight timings, and dates. 
  • Also, cancellation, adding services, and more. 
  • Operating with certain rules, manage booking facilities is a big advantage. Travelers who need sudden changes done to their planned journey. 
  • Thus, flyers are allowed this exclusive way of EVA Airlines Booking. However, it is available through the official website.  
  • Further, through the website, modify journey details yourselves. However, if you require help, contact the toll-free number. EVA Airlines Manage Booking will always help and support you. 
  • Again, travel specialists of EVA will help you through with tips and suggestions. In addition, you can learn more about how to manage your booking with EVA Airlines.

How to Access EVA Airlines Manage Booking?

Although it is quite simple and easy to get help with mange bookings. Yet, many suffer to do it on their own. Mass passengers feel comfortable directly call for help. Well, that is a smart way to get help. But, it is always best to do things on your own. And EVA Airlines does offer you this opportunity through the EVA Airlines Manage Booking. Hence, don’t waste such an opportunity. Make use of it and enjoy the facilities you get. 

Steps to Manage Booking through Official Website:

  • Reach out to the EVA Airlines Manage Booking. Log in to the homepage of the Eva Airlines website.
  • Select the “Manage Your Trip Online” tab.
  • Next, to retrieve your booking details, you have two options. Either Membership login credentials or Booking Reference/Ticket Number.
  • Then, fill in the Booking Reference/Ticket Number, and other fields. 
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • This takes you to the EVA Airlines Manage Booking page directly.
  • Select the action that you want to apply/modify your flight booking.
  • Finally, you will need to follow the prompts and complete the process.
  • Once done with the modifications you have made in your EVA flight booking. You would get a confirmation on your email account.

Services Offered Via EVA Airlines Manage Booking Feature:

Passengers traveling via EVA Airlines flights may change/edit their reservations. Here is a list of modifications that EVA Airlines Manage Booking facility offers:

  • Changing/canceling your EVA Airlines flight booking.
  • Checking in early via web check-in facility.
  • Making same-day changes in your EVA Airlines flight schedule.
  • Re-booking EVA flights or booking your next flight via miles.
  • Requesting a refund for canceled or delayed flights.
  • Adding any special request. Such as medical assistance, in-flight entertainment, special meals, etc.
  • Viewing your EVA Airlines seat reservation itinerary.
  • Select preferred seats on your EVA Airlines flights. 
  • Printing or sharing your EVA Airlines flight ticket.
  • Adding or editing passenger’s information with EVA Airlines Manage Booking.
  • Information on flight status with EVA Airlines. 

EVA Airlines has an exhaustive list of the services and facilities. Moreover, travellers can get even extra facilities on EVA Airlines flights. Just contact the EVA Airlines customer service team. They are equipped to assist you with the best for anything you wish. Effortlessly modify or know about managing booking for your journey.

Benefits Of Using EVA Airlines Manage Booking Service

  • Modification of Contact information is allowed through EVA Airlines Manage Booking. Also, you can see flight specifications. This is to correct any information entered at the time of reservation.
  • EVA Airlines also allows passengers to changes in details like flight date, route, time, etc.
  • Again, you can pick and choose the seat of your liking on EVA Airlines. It can be effectively implemented to change your seat preference as well.
  • With the EVA Manage Booking, passengers can also apply for flight schedule upgrades.
  • Easy ticket cancellation holds a massive advantage. 
  • EVA Airlines Manage Booking service also helps passengers with extra services such as special meals, extra luggage, etc.
  • EVA Manage Booking is a service that helps a lot with passenger itinerary with hassle-free modification advantage that it provides.

Change Dates or Flights through EVA Airlines Manage Booking

One of the most overrated fuss about making changes. EVA Airlines, understand that you may not be able to fly on the booked date. And so, it allows all its passengers to change flights or travel dates. The steps to complete the process are quite simple. But for your ease, here they are-

  • First, log in to the official website of EVA Airlines.
  • Then you may enter your login credentials. Which may be the last and first name, booking reference number. Proceed by completing the verification code. 
  • Select the flight that you want to make the changes to. 
  • You may have to incur an additional change fee. Complete the process by making the payment. The updated ticket will be emailed to you. 

Hence, the best option to get the most is from flight reservations. Undoubtedly it will always be EVA Airlines Manage Booking facility. It covers all that any passenger would seek in their booking. 


Q1. How much is the change fee of EVA Airlines?

Ans.- EVA Airlines’ change fee differs according to route and class. It may vary from $50-$300. Therefore, you can be prepared to pay huge or even very little. But before making any change fee, you should check the current fare. It may be lower than the change fee. 

Q2. How much baggage does EVA Airlines allow? 

Ans.- Despite its fares, EVA is quite generous with luggage. You may carry one standard size personal bag item. Also, one free carry-on baggage is allowed. Further, EVA allows ranging from 20 kg to 40 kg of check-in baggage. However, it differs in class and traveling route. It is best to visit the official website for more information. Meanwhile, you may also prefer to contact the customer service team.

Q3. Who is eligible for automated check-in? 

Ans.- All passengers that have booked a flight will EVA will be eligible. Yet, it is mandatory to have a seat reservation. Through EVA Airlines Manage Booking, you will check-in 12 hours before departure automatically. 

Q4. How long does EVA Airlines take to refund?

Ans.- On average you can expect a minimum of one week. It is from the day of cancellation or processing of the refund. However, it should not exceed, 14 business days. In that case, you will have to contact customer support for help. 

Q5. When can you change the flight?

Ans.- You are free to change your flights or flight date any time. After you have completed the bookings. However, the change option closes 3 hours before the departure time. Find all of it through EVA Airlines Manage Booking.   

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