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We cannot predict future. So, we never know what situations might arise in the future. When we plan to travel to any destination, there are situations because of which we have to make the changes or modifications in our bookings. Caribbean airlines is one of those airlines which offers an effortless and easy way to manage an individuals bookings. This is one of the reasons why endless number of people rely on this airline.

If you are looking to manage your bookings i.e., making the cancellations, adding in some facilities or assistance, rebooking it and much more, then this is the right place. Find detailed information on how you can manage your Caribbean airlines bookings in no time.

Steps one need to follow for managing their bookings-

People had suffered a lot in the past when they didn’t have the option to manage their bookings. But now when this option is there, this whole process has become very easy. There are a few steps which the flyers need to follow in the right order. And make the required modifications in their reservations. The steps that one need to follow are mentioned below-

  • Start by opening your web browser.
  • Now, open the official site of Caribbean airlines or enter
  • Once the site opens, you will reach the home page of the site. On the home page, click the option of “my trips”.
  • Once you click this option, a floating window will pop up on the screen. On this screen, you will find various options. From those options, click on “manage booking”.
  • In this step, you need to choose your payment option. So, choose between miles and cash. Click the one you chose to make the bookings.
  • Furthermore, enter the name the last name of the passenger along with the booking reference number.
  • After entering this information, click on the option of manage bookings.

Once you follow all these steps, you can now retrieve your reservations and make the changes you want to in no time.

What modifications one can do with manage booking option?

To make the changes of your choice in your bookings is no more a challenging task. People are now eligible for doing so in no time. Unlike past, managing bookings is not a time-consuming process. After knowing about the whole process of managing bookings, lets find out what all one can do with this option-

  1. Cancellations
    First thing which one can do with the manage booking option is to cancel their reservations. Here are the steps which one need to follow to cancel their bookings-
  • Visit the official site of Caribbean airlines.
  • To login, you need to enter the booking number and the name of the passenger. Make sure you enter the exact same that was there on the booking.
  • Now, select the option of “manage Caribbean airline reservation” option. You will find this option under the heading of “flight”.
  • Now, when you will click this option, a new page will open with the option of manage bookings. Select this option.
  • You need to enter some details in this step and then reach to the option of cancel my bookings.
  • You will be asked if you want to cancel your bookings, hit the option of “yes” and make cancellations.

2. Add extra assistance
The flyers need extra help or assistance when they make the bookings. This is because they may have small children or aged members travelling with them. SO, the flyers can add the extra help if they realise, they need it once their bookings are completed.

  • Open the Caribbean airlines official site.
  • Choose the option of manage bookings. You will find this under the heading of “my trips”.
  • Once the new page opens, choose the special assistance option.
  • Lastly, confirm your changes and get ready to avail extra assistance during your flight.

3. Baggage Allowance
Add more baggage to your already existing booking with the manage booking option. One can add in more baggage by following some simple steps.

  • Firstly, open the web browser on your screen.
  • Now, open the official website of Caribbean airline.
  • Go to the option of my trips and select it.
  • Now, you will find the option of “manage booking”.
  • Once you get this option, you will see the option of adding baggage to your booking.

4. Changes
With the availability of manage booking option, one can make some modifications too in the bookings. An individual is eligible for making the changes to the dates of travelling, the timings and the information of the passengers.

5. Rebooking
To rebook your flight with the Caribbean airlines, here are the steps which flyers need to follow-

  • Enter on the web browser.
  • Reach to the option of my trips and click on it.
  • You will now see the option of “manage booking”.
  • In this step, first select the mode of payment. You need to choose from money or miles.
  • In addition to the above steps, you need to enter your last name and your booking reference number.
  • Once you enter all this information, retrieve the booking which you want to rebook.
  • When you find that booking, go to the option of rebook.

Finally, one can now rebook by following the above-mentioned steps.

6. Add in extra seats
The flyers of Caribbean airlines are now eligible for adding extra seats to their existing bookings. Here is how one can add more seats to their bookings-

  • Visit the official site of Caribbean airlines.
  • Click the “my trips” option.
  • Now, go to the option of manage bookings. Along with this, enter all the details that are asked in this step.
  • When the new page appears on your device, select the option request seats. You can now
  • Select the option of manage my booking as soon as the home page appears in front of you.
  • Now, Add in more seats to your booking. Add in the seat of your choice and finalize the booking.


  • How can we check Caribbean airline flight schedule?
    The flyer needs to visit the official site of the airline to check their flight schedule.
  • Is there a refund for a Lost Ticket?
    Yes, an individual can request for refund if they lose their ticket.
  • Can I purchase an extra bag on an Interline partner through Caribbean Airlines directly?
    At present, an individual cannot buy the extra bag through this medium.
  • Can I transfer my Caribbean Airline Ticket?
    No, the flyers of Caribbean airline are not allowed to transfer their ticket to another person.
  • What to do with Partially used ticket, are they refundable?
    No, partially used tickets are not refundable.
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